Products Redexim Easy Core Vertical Aerator

Easy Core Vertical Aerator

Model 104 106 108 208
Working width 360mm (14”) 540mm (21”) 520mm (20”) 520mm (20”)
Working depth 70mm (3”) 70mm (3”) 70mm (3”) 70mm (3”)
Weight 94kg(207lbs) 113kg (249lbs) 136kg (299lbs) 146kg (321lbs)
Engine 51/2hp B.&Stratton* 5hp Honda 5hp Honda 51/2hp Honda
Engine drive non-driven non-driven non-driven driven
Standard Hollow Tines Ø22x16x70mm Ø22x16x70mm Ø22x16x70mm Ø22x16x70mm
Tine amount per set 4 6 8 8
Capacity (max) 2043m2/h (22064sq.ft/h) 2550m2/h (27540sq.ft/h) 2550m2/h (27450sq.ft/h) 2780m2/h (30024sq.ft/h)
Optional items: Hollow Tines: Ø16x9 1/2x70mm or Ø22x16x70mm or Ø45x38x70mm
Solid Tines: Ø9 1/2x70mm or Ø22x70mm
Chariot-ride behind kit (for model 208 only)
Special air-filled tyres
*5hp Honda engine is optional for model 104

There are 4 models of the walk-behind Easy-Core. A simple but effective aerator.
When soil compaction is relieved, this leads to better root growth and improved drainage. This aids thatch control, and stimulates the
density of the turf.

Models 104, 106 and 108 are all non-driven, and contain respectively 4, 6, and 8 tine arms, while model 208 is driven and contains 8 tine arms.
An optional chariot transfers the Easy
Core 208 to a comfortable ridebehind
aerator. Wide air-filled tyres
are optional.


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