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Verti-Drain® - self-propelled series

Models 104, 106 and 108 are all non-driven, and contain respectively 4, 6, and 8 tine arms, while model 208 is driven and contains 8 tine arms.
Carrier +
Verti-Drain® 1513

The 1513 Verti-Drain connected to a Carrier functions as a selfpropelled
aerator. It is a high production aerator, penetrating up to a depth of 150mm with
both solid tines and hollow coring tines. Ground pressure is kept to a
minimum, with most of the weight of the 1513 Verti-Drain
and the Carrier being absorbed by the wide tyres (24x13.00-12")
and the smooth front roller of the Verti-Drain. The ground
pressure per square centimeter amounts to an impressive 0.45kg.


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